Melbourne CBD periodontics

At Collins Street Periodontics, we have the specialist periodontists and experience to cover a wide range of periodontal treatments. Generally, patients will be referred to us if the procedure needed is too intricate or complex for general dentists, however you do not need a referral to book an appointment with one of our highly qualified periodontists.

From performing teeth implants for missing or damaged teeth, to treating gum disease and performing gum surgeries, we’re a friendly and compassionate periodontics clinic in Melbourne’s CBD.


At Collins Street Periodontics, conveniently located in Melbourne’s CBD, we pride ourselves on being your professional periodontics expert. Our team is committed to providing quality oral and personal care to you in a comfortable and professional environment. Collins Street Periodontics is a referral practice. Your general dentist will refer you to us if your condition is too complex...
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Dental Implant Surgery

At Collins Street Periodontics, we’re proud to offer clinically competent and caring periodontists in Melbourne’s CBD. We are qualified in providing general dental implant surgery as well as specialist, complex dental implant procedures that general dentists do not offer. These specialist procedures include: guided tissue regeneration bone grafting mucogingival surgery gingival surgery soft tissue grafting complex implant therapy...
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Gum Disease Treatment

Patients are often referred to our Collins Street periodontists with severe or complicated gum disease. We specialise in providing exceptional professional care and ongoing support to ensure our patients achieve the highest level of success from our periodontal disease treatments. Gingivitis is a response by gum tissue to plaque building up around the necks of the teeth....
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Gum surgery

In some cases of advanced gum disease (periodontitis), traditional periodontal treatments including root planing and teeth scaling are ineffective. Where bacteria has continued to build in gum pockets, gum surgery is required to improve gum health. At Collins Street Periodontics, our team is experienced in providing a wide range of corrective gum surgeries and ongoing support for our patients:...
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