Get your smile back with teeth implants in Melbourne CBD

August 19, 2015

They say a person’s smile is their biggest asset, yet many people hide their smiles because they feel self-conscious about their teeth. Get your smile back with teeth implants in Melbourne’s CBD, at Collins Street Periodontics.

There can be several underlying conditions leading to the need for teeth implants, including:

  • weak gums and bone supporting the teeth
  • accidents causing teeth to become loose, chip or fall out entirely
  • poor cleaning technique and oral hygiene

Whether you’re referred from your general dentist, or come to us on your own, our periodontists will check your dental history and examine your oral health before working on a plan to ensure your teeth implants will provide a long-term solution for you.

Teeth implant surgery involves removing any fragments of the existing tooth, as well as cleaning and preparing the gums and jaw before performing the teeth implant procedure. All teeth implants at our Melbourne CBD clinic are performed using titanium implants, measuring approximately 10mm long and 4mm wide.

Once we have successfully completed the initial implant, our periodontist will refer you to your general or specialist dentist to perform the final stage of teeth implant surgery, constructing a crown or bridge on the implant.

Please contact Collins Street Periodontics to book a consultation with our friendly and caring periodontists.